Web Applications

A web application is a specific service that tailors itself to a specific need. The purpose of a web application is to simplify the processes of a simple task or tasks. This is done by breaking down each task into its core elements, and building an application to do this extremely easily. A prime example is staff wages. An application can be built that lets staff store their hours, which automatically produces time sheets and accounting software data sheets.

Fully customisable to your needs

Simplify arduous and time lengthy tasks

Cost effective

Better manage your business

Automate repetitive tasks

Beautiful graphical design


  • - Client booking systems
  • - Staff wage automation
  • - Point of sale systems
  • - Data representation
  • - Data encryption
  • - and more...


  • - Fully customisable
  • - Eliminate all paperwork
  • - Accessible from anywhere, at any time
  • - Multiple user logins
  • - Secure
  • - Generate reports and statistics
  • - User access based on a need to know basis
  • - Audit Trails, know who did what and when

Licensing and Ownership

Expert Systems do not charge an ongoing licensing fee like most other companies. The program we develop for you is paid for as a once off payment. If down the track you require modifications to the program, we can simply do them for you at an hourly rate or the changes can be quoted if they are more involved. All information and materials you supply for the project remains as intellectual property to your business. All source code and materials produced by Expert Systems remains the property of Expert Systems unless other arrangements are made. Project files are archived and safely kept in our secure backup facilities. We give our customers the option to buy full ownership over the source code and all relevant project files. This entitles you to make changes on your own accord and onsell the program at your free will.

Some Examples

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