Introduction to custom software

Custom software programs are typically designed to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your daily business processes. Whatever the task, a program can be designed to complete your task in a fraction of the time, saving you both time and money.

Streamline business processes

Automate repetitive tasks

Increase productivity

Better manage your business

Expand possibilities

Save both time and money

About custom software

Database applications

Databases can store a near endless amount of information that is retrievable within seconds. For example, you could store over 1,000 products over many categories and retrieve all the details of a particular product within a matter of seconds. Get rid of the filing cabinets and thousands of pieces of paper and have all the information stored electronically and retrievable at the snap of a finger.

Barcode scanning capabilities

Barcode scanners are most often used in conjunction with Point of sale (POS) software which is commonly used in retail stores. Although there are a number of off-the-shelf POS applications available, your particular business might need something a little more individualised.

Data retrieval and management

We can develop simple applications that allow you to access database information from other software packages. You may use an accounting program or software that only certain staff can have access that doesn't allow people to only view the information without making changes. This is where we can develop a completely standalone program to access all or certain information from the database and let users only view the information without being able to make changes.

Programming and code conversion

Our experienced programmers have knowledge in a vast variety of programming languages. If you already have a website or segment of code developed in a particular language and need it to be converted into another language, we can help! A situation where you made need code conversion is if you have a website developed in ASP and are shifting to a Linux server that doesn't support ASP. We can then convert ASP into PHP code and have it 100% compatible for the new server.

Licensing and Ownership

Expert Systems do not charge an ongoing licensing fee like most other companies. The program we develop for you is paid for as a once off payment. If down the track you require modifications to the program, we can simply do them for you at an hourly rate or the changes can be quoted if they are more involved. All information and materials you supply for the project remains as intellectual property to your business. All source code and materials produced by Expert Systems remains the property of Expert Systems unless other arrangements are made. Project files are archived and safely kept in our secure backup facilities. We give our customers the option to buy full ownership over the source code and all relevant project files. This entitles you to make changes on your own accord and onsell the program at your free will.

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